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Welcome to SPC Koolax Energy Efficient Equip. Co. Ltd - Guangdong Province, China
SPC is a UK-based specialist manufacturer and supplier of heating and cooling equipment to the public and private sector. The company also has a growing business in the Middle East, India and Europe for dehumidification products and energy recovery products. Established in 1979 as a manufacturer of heating coils and fan convectors in the UK, SPC has diversified its product range to include warm air curtains, radiant ceiling panels, trench heating, dehumidifiers and heat pipes. After a number of years importing from our factory in Dubai, SPC Koolax opened in May 2014 manufacturing water based/refrigerant heat pipes and radiant conditioning sails.

The company has developed a first-class reputation for using quality and innovation to create comfortable indoor environments all around the globe. With our emphasis on Indoor Air Quality, comfort cooling and dehumidification, we offer products that allow you to improve the quality of your indoor environment whilst reducing energy consumption through efficient air treatment.

A world first...SPC have launched refrigerant free Water Heat Pipes in Asia. After a 2 year research program, the development is now complete and pending a worldwide patent. Please refer to our Refrigerant and Water Heat Pipes brochure for more information.....
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